Tansai-Kuro/Black Yakishime

With this technigue the pots are placed in an enclosed container (saggar). Then charcoal and sawdust are placed around the piece. Finally a lid is placed on top. During the firing the charcoal and sawdust burn away and this leaves the piece black. But almost always a wisp of white appears on the piece and this is the result of air that enters during the firing.

Tansai Yakishime

This is a new type of ware shich has been developed by me over the past ten years. So I have coined a new phrase to describe it TANSAI YAKISHIME literally translated means Charcoal Colored Ware. There is no glaze used at all. The colors are a result of charcoal which surrounds the piece in the firing. As the charcoal burns it causes these natural hues to occur. On some pieces a green colored glaze occurs naturally.

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